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From our first ever tour #melbourne - Ashton Irwin


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5SOS Preference #117: Daddy [AU]


not daddy kink u horny little shits this is kinda short and sucky soz man but daDDY FEELS :(

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"Alright baby, daddy’s gonna come back really soon and you finally get to meet him for the first time! Isn’t that great?" You asked your two month old son, who was just staring right back at you with his huge hazel colored eyes. Ashton hasn’t been around for about six months, he feels really bad because he had to go on tour while you were about five months pregnant. But you reassured him that it was fine (it really wasn’t, at all) and had to go through your pregnancy alone with the help of your mum and your best friends. When you saw your little boy for the first time, tears escaped your eyes almost immediately as he looked so much like Ashton. He had Ashton’s dark blonde hair, his hazel eyes and he even had dimples. Ashton hasn’t officially met your little boy yet, but today was the day he was gonna come back from the tour and he was excited to see him. Your little boy blinked twice, reaching up to touch your nose lightly with his small hand, making you smile. You heard a door swing open, which took you by surprise and made you jump a little, before realizing that it was only just Ashton. Your lips tugged into a smile, as Ashton approached you slowly with wide eyes, which were trained on the baby you were cradling in your arms. You handed your little boy over to him slowly, and he stared at your child with huge eyes, and a smile that rivaled your own right now. "Hi baby, I’m your daddy," Ashton whispered, a tear rolling down his cheek as he looked into your boy’s eyes. Your little boy’s eyes looked into his father’s, and a laugh escaped his lips as he reached out to touch his nose, just like how he touched yours before. "I love you baby." Ashton presses a tender kiss onto your boy’s forehead, another tear running down his face as he let out happy tears. "I love you so much baby."


"Mummy," You felt your five year old daughter tug on the hem of your shirt, as you were trying to prepare tonight’s dinner. You sighed, as your daughter usually did this whenever you were trying to do something important, but then again, this might have been something important so you stopped what you were doing and flashed her a smile. "What is it sw-" Your eyes widened upon seeing the hot pink colour on the tips of your daughter’s blonde hair, and you felt your face heat up at the sight. You’ve told Michael that you didn’t want your daughter anywhere near hairdye, but Michael just wouldn’t listen - he wanted to dye his daughter’s hair ever since she was born but you were against it. What if she gets addicted to hairdye and demands to dye her hair every other week? You couldn’t bear the reality of your daughter’s hair thinning at such a young age, you couldn’t risk it so you forbade Michael to ever dye her hair. "Do you like my hair mum?" She flashed you a huge smile, touching the tips of her hair lightly. You took a deep breath, flashing her a smile before kissing the top of her head. She giggled, "I’m gonna show this to nanny," She then began skipping her way out the door, and you quickly used this opportunity to have a little talk with your husband, "Michael Gordon Clifford, get down here this instant!" You shrieked at the top of your lungs, which made him yell back at you from upstairs. You rubbed your temples slowly, as you were gonna have a very heated argument with Michael yet again. How wonderful.


"Puppy!" Your seven year old son squeals, as soon as Calum carries the newly adopted puppy into the lawn. Calum lets the puppy run free, and your son began chasing the pup around the yard, squealing. Today was your son’s seventh birthday and you didn’t really know what to get him. He didn’t tell you because he didn’t want to, which was pretty weird considering he’s always told you what present he wanted for his birthday. Nudging the tanned boy beside you, you smiled, "How did you even know that he wanted a puppy?" Calum slung his arm around your shoulder, pressing a kiss onto your temple, "I’ve heard him talk in his sleep saying he wanted a puppy. I’ve always wanted a puppy, so I thought - what the hell, I’m getting my son a puppy because I can and I fucking will." Your son let out a gasp, stopping right in his tracks and pointed towards his father, "Dad, you just swore!" You laughed, shaking your head as Calum still had to get used to not swearing in front of your kid. "Shit, sorry," His eyes widened when he realized that he cursed again. "Fucking hell!" He covered his mouth upon swearing for the third time without even realizing and you giggled, knowing Calum could never grow out of his cursing habit.


"Daddy?" Your three year old daughter asked, lifting her head from her father’s chest. All three of you were currently cuddled up together in your bed, with your daughter in between you and your husband. She had her head resting on her dad’s chest and you were playing with her hair as you laid there with them. "Yes, princess?" Luke asked, his eyes fluttering open to reveal his pale blue colored ones. Your daughter wrapped her arm around Luke’s waist, snuggling into him with a contented sigh, "Can you pwease tew me a bedtime stowy?" Your daughter usually asked Luke to tell her bedtime stories before she fell asleep, because she loved hearing all kinds of stories from him. "Once upon a time, there was a beautiful princess named Y/N," Luke grinned, earning a groan from you. You didn’t like when Luke used you as one of his characters, it just made you feel weird. He then started telling a story where you were a princess who was looking for her prince, but met a knight in shining armor named Luke. He then said that the knight saved the princess from a dragon, which was why the princess fell in love with him and wanted to marry him. "But.. aren’t princess supposed to marry princes?" Your daughter asked, rubbing the sleep away from her eyes but she seemed too tired to even speak. "They were, but Princess Y/N loved Luke so much that she gave up her crown to marry him, and they lived happily ever after in the forests where they had a beautiful baby girl," Luke kissed your daughter’s nose lightly, smiling. "And that baby is you, princess." The last thing you heard from her was an, "I wuv you mummy, I wuv you daddy," before she finally drifted off to sleep.


New photos from the Glamour Kills ‘Jenna Surplus Jacket’ photoshoot.

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